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Products & Services

Spa Covers





The Custom Fit Spa Cover features a 4� � 2� Tapered, 2# Density Foam, comes with handles and locks. Our covers are available in 13 colors and comes with a 1 year manufacture's warranty.









The Aquamaster features a 4��2� tapered fiberglass reinforced foam, made to hold up to 275 lbs. This Custom Fit cover comes with Handles and Locks & has a 5 year manufacture's warranty.





If you would like to more information on our Spa Covers feel free to contact us; we're happy to assist.


Spa chemical

Spa chemical products provide numerous benefits. When used according to label instructions, Spa chemical products will:

a) Make the water feel clean and comfortable.
b) Kill bacteria, which can multiply rapidly in a spa.
c) Protect spa surfaces from stains caused by metals, which are often dissolved in water.
d) Protect spa equipment from scale caused by calcium deposits. Scale can accumulate on spa surfaces and inside filters and heaters, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

•  Accessories to keep the spa surfaces clean and the water beautiful.
•  Balancers to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment.
•  Oxidizers to remove undesirable compounds and keep the water clean and inviting.
•  Sanitizers to kill bacteria and keep the water protected and soothing.

Maintain an adequate sanitizer level at all times to kill bacteria. Use one of these three:

1.Brominating Concentrate: Bromine is an ideal bacteria fighter in the spa environment. Simply add these concentrated granules into the spa water according to label instructions. A double dose of Brominating Concentrate can also serve as a shock.

2.Brominating Tablets: As these Brominating Tablets dissolve, they release powerful protection against bacteria. Use them in a Brominator or in a floating feeder. IMPORTANT: Do not place Brominating Tablets in the skimmer or drop directly onto the spa's surface.

3.Chlorinating Concentrate: This fast dissolving chlorine product is also effective against bacteria and easy to apply. Sprinkle the granules directly into the spa according to label instructions. A double dose can also serve as shock.

Use Spa Shock (or a shock dosage of Brominating or Chlorinating Concentrate) to remove undesirable compounds, eliminate odors, clarify the water, and restore the sparkle. Spa Shock is the preferred routine shock product. This patented formula has oxidizers to remove undesirable compounds to make the water beautiful and clear. And it works fast so you can quickly get right back to relaxing.

Use pH Increaser. Convenient, granular product that raises the pH of spa water to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment.

Use Alkalinity Increaser. Raises alkalinity level to protect spa water from sudden changes in pH.

Every time you refill your spa with fresh water use a Stain and Scale Control to prevent metal stains and scale build-up. If your water contains high levels of minerals or metals, your Spa Dealer may also recommend a weekly maintenance dose.

Also every time you refill your spa with fresh water use a Water Clarifier. This will increase water filtration and will help to prevent spa water from becoming murky.

If foaming is present add a Spa Defoamer, when needed. If problem persists drain and refill the spa.

Recommended weekly spa maintenance:

A) Test spa water twice a week
B) Adjust Bromine (2.0 ppm) / Chlorine (1.0 ppm), pH (7.6 ppm) and Total Alkalinity (180 ppm) levels as needed. Use 2 oz. (1/4 cup) doze when needed.
C) Add Spa Shock once a month or after a heavy bather load.
D) Add 1 oz. Stain and Scale Control and Water Clarifier per week.
E) Add Spa Defoamer as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your interest!

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